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This is the all new Official Homepage of the UK synthpop combo, Spray. It's early days, but it's gonna be much more efficient than MySpace and more regularly updated than the old homepage.

Ricardo Autobahn and Jenny McLaren were members of 21st century pop terrorists The Cuban Boys, who topped John Peel's Festive 50 and the UK singles charts.

Their offshoot project Spray predicted the current electropop boom, but unfortunately much too early for them to cash in.

Following 2002's 'Living In Neon' CD, Spray topped every US college chart going with their snarky emo-baiting 'I Am Gothic'. They followed this with another big clubland hit in their cover version of 'Run With Us' - the theme from "The Raccoons" cartoon series - and 2006's full length 'Children Of A Laser God' album.

Jenny and Ric returned in 2010 with a new EP ('Singing For England') that was best described as "semi-new material". It was followed by "actual new material" with the single and video 'Everything's Better With Muppets'.

'Everything's Better With Muppets' was followed in 2011 by the EP 'We're Nihilists, Not Stylists' (containing the popular 'Twitter Campaign') and the one-off single 'Spray Vs Subtext'. The first single from a long-planned 3rd full length Spray album is scheduled for September 2012, although news of the album itself is sketchy at best.

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