Posted on Monday, 13 September 2010

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Yes, the day has finally arrived. Spray, the underachieving synth duo, have actually made a brand new single for the first time in years.

'Everything's Better With Muppets' is fairly self-explanatory as a song - but you'll really want to see the astonishing video edited and directed by Stuart Bruce, who is some kind of madcap genius. If you click through this link here, you can see it. But make sure that once you've done that you follow the iTunes link and buy it, so that you can be seen to be supporting the independent music scene and sticking it to The Man. Trust us, you'll look really cool.

Link to buy from iTunes.

Do you want to buy it via SMS? Well, you can. Here are the track IDs:
1)Everything's Better With Muppets (Radio Edit) - Text track 6341 to 80818 to buy
2) Everything's Better With Muppets (A Different Version) - Text track 6342to 80818 to buy
3) Everything's Better With Muppets (Extended Club Mix) - Text track 6343to 80818 to buy
4) Everything's Better With Muppets (Instrumental) - Text track 6344 to 80818 to buy
So to buy the radio edit, you text ‘track 6341’ to 80818. Alright?
If you want to download it straight to your mobile handset, simply put an ‘m’ after the Track ID, for example ‘track 6341 m’.

Each track costs £1. Mobile downloads may incur additional charges. Users are advised to check with their operator.
TECHNO INFO: Mobile downloads require WAP support to work. Most phones support WAP, but there are some notable exceptions - for instance, the Apple iPhone does not support WAP.

That was boring wasn't it? Why not watch the video again to cheer up.

And there's more! Spray have decided that if 'Everything's Better With Muppets' gets a million hits on YouTube, they'll definitely release a new album early next year. Songs under consideration at the moment include 'I Always Wanted To Say "I Always Wanted To Say That"', 'Squabble At The Rotary Club' and 'Spray Vs. Gravity'. So get sharing and "let's go viral" (or something).



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