Posted on Monday, 10 May 2010

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Four years ago Spray wrote and recorded the possibly-too-cynical 'Synching For England', a song about how free-thinking artists are all too willing to cash-in on a corporate level if they reckon there's a hit in it. The Lightning Seeds' truly brilliant 'Three Lions' opened the floodgates for musicians and bandswho are:
a) keen to show how much they like football, and
b) keen for a pick-me-up PRS cheque the following Christmas.

Obviously, Spray gave the song a gigantic singalong chorus so that they too could become part of the team if such a thing happened, but also to be able to sneer from the touchlines in an ironic manner. Inevitably - possibly due to the fact that the song was knocked together in about two hours and sounded like the band had recorded it whilst submerged in a vat of treacle - this didn't happen.

Undeterred, Spray have completely re-recorded the song with a few lyrical tweaks to make it a bit more upbeat (and a touch less hateful). Not only that but it's an EP - meaning as well as a club mix you'll get a brand new track called 'We're All Made Of Stars', and the first commercial release of a song called 'Slow Down' that's been kicking around for a while. So it's all good

Click here for the iTunes information to buy the music.


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